The fact that many exhibitors are repeat exhibitors, combined with the growing attendance of VIP buyers show after show, is the proof that LPS Guangzhou is now firmly established as the region’s leading luxury property show.


Ms. Bunny Wong, Executive Director

“Each time, the event has helped us to meet new friends, including new partners and meet potential investor clients as well. We also have the opportunity to promote the Colliers brand on a much higher level. Because this time I think you have 26 countries exhibiting at the event, and Colliers is definitely a worldwide company, our headquarters is in Seattle in the US, so we have over 485 offices around the globe in 63 different countries, so therefore it’s important for us to be always attending events on an international scale. LPS has always been focused on international projects in the overseas market, which is the right event for us to always promote projects from different countries, as well as meeting the right partners and developers who will come to us to give them help. So it’s a great opportunity to exchange information, as well as to meet new people and get the brand out there.”

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Knight Frank

Mr. James Price, Partner

“It’s all about visibility, you’ve got to be seen to be in this market, and this a great platform for that. We’ve had some good quality leads for sure that have come out of it, so that’s been very pleasing, and that’s been across the board, there’s obviously a bit of an emphasis on London, New York, as well as the prime centers, but I think the interest has been across all areas.”

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Keller Williams NYC

Mr. Joe Turowski, Associate Broker

“The level of visitors was very impressive, it was non stop, a lot of them asked specific questions about specific properties, and we were very happy to help them out with that. One of the things we had going was we had the former governor of New York with us in our team, we invited him to come with us,  because he himself has an EB 5 project which he’s closely related to called the Green Taxi Program, so that drew a lot of people to our booth, there was a lot of interviews going on for local TV stations, and he’s a very nice guy, so it was very active, we had a lot of people, and a lot of people that were just very interested in that program, I know a lot of people signed up on that program then and there, so it was very encouraging, a lot of people were ready to dive in, they had money in their pockets, literally, and they were ready to dive in.”

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Koi Resorts and Residences

MS. Anne Marie Miller, Director of Sales

“I was extremely impressed with how large the entire show was, how well organized it was, the foot traffic was extremely high, especially on the first day, and I’m very happy to report that we actually did sell one unit yesterday during this show we had a sale, the reservation fee was transferred, we had some paper work signed, so it was very well worth the journey, so thank you.”

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Cushman and Wakefield Texas

Mr. Edward Nwokedi, Senior Director

“It was good to meet a lot of your customers who came by, we’ve also met quite a few customers that are major investors looking for opportunities that we’re providing so it’s very good. And it was also very nice, I want to add, we networked with some of your exhibitors also, who are able to benefit us and partner up with us in future to help us do the same thing, so that was also equally positive.”

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Uptown Real Estate Group

Mrs. Azenett Saldana, Broker Associate

“You know this is our fourth year with the LPS show and we’re very very very happy with the outcome of this one, it was very very busy on Friday and Saturday, we made several contacts, I have a bunch of appointments set up for next week when I get back to Houston, so we’re very very excited, we made some great connections, you know it’s not just the people who we meet who are investors or people interested in purchasing, but it’s also a networking opportunity to meet other upscale luxury real estate developers and other boutique offices in the United States and all over the world.”

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Venegas International Group Miami

Mrs. Monica Venegas, Principal

“It’s a good place to build long lasting relationships. My projects are very high end and exclusive. Usually as you know, I bring brands, and luxury developments from Miami. Fendi residences also, because of the brand, brings a lot of attention to the Chinese clientele.”


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Century 21

Mr. Ken Baldwin, Real Estate Agent

“We’ve been active in the China market for at least four years, and this is actually the first time that we’ve made the commitment to attend LPS. We’ve been active in other real estate shows in Shanghai, Beijing, and some secondary cities. The quality of the client that’s here, people who are coming are certainly interested in seeing the type of products that we’re offering. It’s a much better qualified type of client versus what we’ve seen at other shows that we’ve done in China. The other markets primarily combine a domestic and international product into one show, and although there may be more people, certainly the quality that is here, it’s money that we feel is very very well spent, and we look forward to working with LPS moving forward.”

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Douglas Elliman Miami

Mr. Christian Kawas, Associate

“I thought that the level of visitors was very good, we made some very good contacts. I thought there was a good flow of high net worth clients throughout the show. More importantly, we made some very good relationships with fellow exhibitors, which I’m sure will lead to us being able to refer business back and forth.”

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Macdonald Real Estate Group

Elaine Chung

“I think the visitors are fantastic, they know what they’re looking for, they ask very specific questions, so that helps us to provide good information for them.”

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Luxury Portfolio

Paul Boomsma, President

“We’ve had a lot of interest from people looking for properties for their children who are going away to college and they will purchase properties in London,

Boston or San Francisco so their children can have a place to stay and they can also visit them. We also had people looking for investment properties.”

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